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Why Choose IMS

We believe that Montessori works in every setting for the success of each child, and that our role is to help parents develop children who are prepared for the real world. At IMS, our teachers support your child’s natural development in classrooms that are hands-on, self-paced, and joyful, creating a lifelong learner and doer. We are able to provide a truly unique learning environment where your child can explore and discover the wonders of learning. Please explore our programmes and admission process below. If you have further questions, contact our admissions team at  We are here to help!

Admissions Steps

Choosing a school for your child may feel like an overwhelming decision! The good news is that Montessori can make all the difference to your child’s ability to successfully navigate our ever-changing world. The opportunity to learn in such a natural way could be the greatest gift you can give your child. An IMS education is as unique as your child, and we want to be certain we are the right fit for your family. The best way to get to know us is to come visit.
Book a Visit

IMS offers a variety of different options for you to connect with us throughout the year. Please check out our admissions events below that works best for you and your family to come for a visit.  Click here to register our upcoming events.

IMS hosts Open Days on Saturday mornings from October to February on different campuses for parents to explore how IMS’ Dual-Language programme can benefit your child’s development and learning through parenting talks, workshops, classroom tours, and children’s activities. Connect with our community too!  Register Now.

IMS founders share the IMS story and explain the benefits of the Montessori approach for children in our pioneering Dual-Language immersion English-Chinese Montessori programmes. Finish with a tour of the Montessori classrooms in action.  Register Now.

IMS campus head will show you around the campus of your choice. Watch how our children explore the scientifically designed, hands-on, self-paced and collaborative Montessori learning environments at IMS.  Register Now.

IMS offers a series of Montessori Parenting Workshops to support parents at home throughout the year.  Ms. Jennifer Yu, AMI-trained early years Montessori teacher and parent, coaches parents with Montessori approaches to supporting your child at home – from birth to school age.  Register Now.

The Montessori Experience offers you and your child a glimpse of how the IMS  environment – scientifically designed for toddlers 12-30 months old – can nurture your child’s independence, concentration and motivation.  Register Now.

Apply Online

For families who are new to IMS, please click on the New Application button to create your family’s unique Portal Account within Veracross (IMS Student Information System). Once your account has been created, you will receive an email with your login credentials to IMS Admission Portal. You will be able to log in and out of the Admissions Portal to complete the application at your own pace.

Documents to prepare before the online application

Documents should be in PDF or JPG format and less than 800KB per file.

  • Your child’s recent photo
  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • Your child’s valid passport statistics page or ID card
  • Proof of right to abode OR your child’s HK Visa page
  • Payment proof of application fee*

*A HK$2000 application fee is required in order for your application to be processed. For payment options, please click here.

IMS parents and prospective parents who already have parent portal accounts in Veracross, please click on the IMS Admissions Portal button to proceed with your child’s application.


After receiving your application and admission documents, the Admissions Office will contact you to arrange a school visit and assessment for your child.

Casa dei Bambini (3–6 years old)

Your child will be invited to work independently with a series of Montessori materials, guided by a variety of teachers in a dual-language Classroom. Older children (age 4.5+) will be invited to visit a classroom during the afternoon to interact with peers and teachers to assess academic and socio-emotional skills.

Elementary (6-12 years old)

Your child will be invited to work with a group of peers and teachers in a Montessori Elementary classroom, to assess academic and socio-emotional skills.


Admissions decisions are made based on the child’s school visit, the needs of your child, family commitment to a Montessori education, and place availability in your child’s age group.

Once a place has been offered, your family will be asked to confirm acceptance by completing the Confirmation Package within 10 working days.

How do we build better brains? Help children find their purpose? Help every child maximize his or her life chances? More than ever before, the answers point to Montessori….

Stephen Hughes,
Pediatric Neuropsychologist​

Join Our Free Trial Event
Parent-Child Montessori Experience

Aldrich Bay, Mid-Levels, South Horizons Campus

Come join an IMS Montessori Experience to see how this scientifically designed environment for toddlers 12-30 months old – can nurture your child’s independence, concentration and motivation.

Our English-speaking and Putonghua-speaking Montessori teachers will guide your child during this bilingual immersion experience, while our Curriculum expert answers your questions.