There is no limit to what we can accomplish for our children when our community of teachers, leadership, alumni, parents and students come together
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Our Families ​

The vibrancy and warmth our families share is a fundamental aspect of the nurturing, child-centered environment that IMS provides for every student. We have over 600 families from countries all over the world.

Parent volunteers have supported and enabled IMS’ incredible development over the years, much of which has been driven by the efforts of the IMS Parent-Teacher Association. Get involved!

Our Families’ Perspectives​

Our Team

From the very foundation of IMS, every single member of staff has been carefully chosen to ensure that each child experiences the same opportunity to grow and develop into their own best self, naturally. We know that Montessori isn’t simply a method of education. It is a philosophy of life, and one where those preparing the environment must truly believe that the child can be guided to make increasingly complex choices and decisions which are critical at each step on their own journey of discovery, moving step by step towards independence, from birth to adulthood.

We are each committed to creating a collaborative learning community which is deeply rooted in respect and kindness, where learning and discovery and becoming our best self is part of what we do every day.

Our Team’s Perspectives

Our Students

The child is the reason we are all here!

IMS Graduate’s Video Celebrates “Then & Now: 20 Years of IMS”

From 68 children in 2002 IMS has grown to a community of almost 900 children from countries all over the world. The opportunity to grow up in Hong Kong within this diverse, yet highly supportive community gives the child a broad perspective of others, which lays the foundations for strong, positive relationships. The opportunities for this lesson at IMS are endless: our children are multicultural and multilingual, often with parents and grandparents with different languages and cultures!

Our Alumni

Growing up in a Montessori environment makes all the difference for the child. IMS children are kind. IMS children have high emotional intelligence, a broad knowledge base, wonderful problem-solving skills, are independent, and have a passion for excellence in everything they do: they are competitive with themselves – they want to exceed their own personal best. Articulate and thoughtful, they have a passion for excellence for everything they do in their community, in nature, and the world. They develop a strong moral compass, and a lifelong commitment to give back through service to others.

IMS Graduates are the kind of students who are warmly welcomed in future educational settings because they know how to contribute in a real sense.


Join our IMS Alumni Facebook Group to connect with your fellow peers and IMS students of all times. We will also be announcing events in the group for you to get connected with people you know and don’t know. Here’s our next event – IMS Alumni Virtual Global online party, the date and time to be announced soon!

Full Video - Hear from Our Graduates

Our Alumni’s Perspective

I’m thrilled that IMS continues to be a place where children can flourish and are encouraged to understand just how much they can achieve.

-IMS Alum-

IMS Highlights

We believe that children are naturally born with the inner directive to meet their own needs and to learn. Our goal at IMS is to embrace this innate drive by providing optimal learning opportunities from an outing run by our older students to dumpling preparation by the little ones. Learning happens everywhere at IMS!