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IMC Accredidation

IMS was accredited by the International Montessori Council (IMC) in 2012. IMC is an international organisation of Montessori schools that was established to provide support for Montessori programmes worldwide.

IMC accreditation is a rigorous process meant to ensure that accredited schools maintain the highest level of commitment to authentic Montessori pedagogy, and maintain professional and teaching standards. Schools are examined by dozens of criteria in nine standards, including governance, curriculum, human resource practises, and facilities maintenance. IMC accreditation is a guarantee that an institution has met the highest professional expectations in all standards and criteria. IMS is the first accredited Montessori Elementary Programme in Greater China and a pioneering Montessori institution in Asia.

The standards of the IMC Accreditation

• STANDARD #1: VISION AND PURPOSE The school has a well-developed vision and purpose, and the integrity of Montessori philosophy and curriculum is maintained through alignment to this purpose. The vision and purpose of the school has been developed through a collaborative effort that includes input from the school community and is communicated to all stakeholders.

• STANDARD # 2: GOVERNANCE and LEADERSHIP The school is led and supported by governance and leadership/school administration that is committed to ensuring student learning and school effectiveness through the implementation of Montessori philosophy and methodology.

• STANDARD #3: EDUCATION PROGRAM The School provides an educational program that is effective and consistent with the characteristics of authentic Montessori practice at each age level offered.

• STANDARD #4: RESOURCES The School provides appropriate resources to ensure effective implementation of its vision and purpose, consistent with the characteristics of authentic Montessori philosophy and methodology.

• STANDARD #5: CYCLE OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT The school engages stakeholders in a systematic process to evaluate student learning and school effectiveness contributing to a 3-5 year Strategic Plan.