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IMS Annual Fund 2023-24 Goal: $1 million

IMS’ journey to create a school for our own children started as a Big Idea over 20 years ago. Today’s reality of IMS serving a community of almost 1,000 children would not have been possible without the support of our families all along the way! We are seeking your continued support to meet the Annual Fund goal of raising $1 million this year. 

From our inception in 2002, IMS has always balanced an annual budget from tuition and Capital Plan contributions without any financial government support – through SARS in our first year, and COVID-19 for much of the last three, typhoons, floods, campus moves and many other challenges. And through these many challenges, with the support of our community, we have held fast to our deepest commitment: providing the highest quality Montessori education to our children every day. It is hard to believe that it was only in 2013 that IMS was awarded the Stanley Campus by the government, which then required our entire capital reserve to renovate!

Why We Established the IMS Annual Fund

The Annual Fund formalises the giving that has become traditional in each year since our inception in 2002. Our families have rallied around the needs of IMS, from establishing our first library collection, to sponsoring development of the Arts and Sport at IMS, to supporting teachers’ and faculty leaders’ Wish List & Wishing Well items which enable each teacher to truly personalise the IMS experience of your child to bring out their unique gifts and talents – supporting each child’s exploration of the universe from in-class tailored materials to Sports, and Music, or the Arts, and so much more.  

Our target is to raise $1 million this year to give every IMS child their own unique IMS experience and assure the future of IMS. Your gifts also support annual operations in unforeseen times of need – from pandemics, to typhoons, to floods – and ensure future years continue to be full of opportunity for the children of IMS!

Upgrade - Campus Library Collections

The original IMS Library collection was donated by the PTA, and has been supported by the Annual Giving Gala ever since. Ms Coco, supported by Curriculum leaders, orders books and periodicals for the children to enjoy, and we need to raise $125,000 every year to keep the books in the Library and classroom collections up to date and in good condition. This is an area the children particularly love, and where parents love to volunteer, so please support us!

Wishing Well & Wish Lists

Tuition covers most of the basic needs of any school, but there are always many items in the Wishing Well & Teachers' Wish Lists to allow our Faculty to create a unique experience in every class with your child in mind. Gifts of HK$575,000 will bring the Classrooms, including classroom Arts and Tech more alive at IMS for every child from First Steps to Upper Elementary!

Art, Music & Robotics Tech Resources

Learning doesn’t end in the Montessori Classroom! Exploration of the Arts, Music, Movement, Sport and Technology enriches the experiential learning approaches throughout the elementary program. Subject experts act as key consultants in project based learning. This year students are exploring creating digital art and NFTs and our teachers have identified how additional tech resources can enhance learning in Art and Music, and extend the Robotics learning into the Lower Elementary. Gifts of HK$150,000 will bring the Arts more alive at IMS!

Chinese And Dual-Language Resources

Chinese at IMS is an important part of the development team’s consideration, and this year, with a Chinese Curriculum Coordinator at both the Casa and Elementary levels, we plan to enhance materials in each class. Last year, parents funded production of a bespoke series of readers in Chinese and English for our young learners! Written by our own teachers, with illustrations depicting daily IMS student life, these books are designed to elevate each child’s reading experience. Your donations of HK$120,000 will fund these meaningful language initiatives!

Tuition Assistance Programme

Each year IMS helps families who are in need of additional, often sudden, financial support so that IMS families can continue on at IMS (HK$1 million). Over the past three years, the COVID impact has meant we have seen this need dramatically increase, and we seek your support in helping us continue this assistance to our community.

IMS Alumni AMI Training

It is our dream to inspire some of our IMS alumni who are graduating from uni to pursue a career in Montessori education! We are looking for HK$100,000 to kick start this initiative, and allow us to support the first qualified IMS alumni candidate to gain their AMI teaching credential, and then return to teach the next generation of IMS children! The goal is to raise ongoing funds to sponsor future IMS alumni toward this pursuit.

IMS Entrepreneurship Fund

Entrepreneurship and real-life Business operations including micro-loans are integral and unique elements of the Montessori Upper Elementary experience, and as our students look towards expanding beyond their existing paper-making, craft and gardening businesses, we wish to raise HK$100,000 annually to propel and support these initiatives. These funds will be complemented with real life guidance and sharing by entrepreneurs from our own parent community and beyond!

IMS Sustainability Initative

To plan for our greener future, we announced our IMS Sustainability Initiative, which funds continuing environmental work for the students, including composting & recycling projects, an energy audit, and allows for green upgrades at each campus over the coming years. We target raising HK$900,000+ for these initiatives, and seek your support to help us make each IMS child a Steward for Sustainability.

How Can You Participate?

Any amount you can share will bring us closer to our goal of HK$1 million.
We will have multiple opportunities this year to participate and plenty of fun ways to contribute!

Thank You IMS Community!

The Tradition of Giving at IMS

Our very first Fundraiser dinner was held in the Viceroy Restaurant in Wan Chai in October 2003, when we returned for the 2003-4 school year after SARS.

There was a break of a few years, and then the annual gala ARTStravaganza Fundraiser began in one of our PTA Board member’s homes. One of our Founding Parents was the Emcee, and the school sold lovely artwork done by the children, as well as photos of the children at work taken by another talented IMS parent! The IMS community has been involved in giving each year since: donations towards the special items that make each child’s Montessori experience unique have grown to over HK$1 million raised in our annual gala!  

Last year, after three years of cancelled Galas due to COVID-19, the IMS Gala returned with a BANG! The IMS Speakeasy brought together Flapper Ladies and Gentlemen, Gangsters and Dolls (AKA the IMS community!) for a roaring good time at the beautiful Repulse Bay! The IMS Speakeasy Gala was an evening of delightful company, delectable food and wine, enchanting dances, and magical Gatsby-themed fun!

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s IMS Gala: “Vintage Voyage” will be held on the 4th of May 2024. Please mark your calendars for a delightful evening of adventure and exploration! Stay tuned for further updates.

We look forward to seeing you celebrate with our entire community on May 4th!

If you or your company would like to add to the fun of the evening by being a Sponsor for the Gala or by donating a Silent Auction prize, please get in touch with us for details at

Our Annual Fund goal of HK$1 million this year will help ensure IMS can continue to provide every child the unique IMS experience – with the highest qualified AMI staff, in a safe and beautiful, bilingual environment – to every child for many years to come.

Thank You IMS Community!

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