Join us on Saturday 2 December 2023 at IMS Mid-Levels to explore how IMS can make a difference to your child’s development and learning. Our Open Day offers a glimpse into natural learning – the IMS way! Expect a morning full of hands-on opportunities to explore and discover our full immersion bilingual programme, combining an authentic Montessori environment with a strong Chinese curriculum.

Our Open Day welcomes all parents with children up to 6 years old to come to explore our Foundation Groups and Casa Dei Bambini programmes.

Montessori Experts Sharing

Don’t miss out these sharing sessions from IMS Montessori experts and we have a special IMS parent guest sharing the unique journey of her children.   

    • Nurturing Independence from Toddler to Teen
    • The IMS Journey and Beyond – a Parent’s Perspective

Experience the Environment & Enjoy the festive Arts & Crafts

Explore Foundation and Casa de Bambini classrooms, with guidance from teachers and Montessori experts. 

  • Meet IMS’s alumni and ambassador to learn more about elementary
  • Create festive Arts & Crafts with children together
  • Enjoy the seed planting fun 

What's Happening Where?

How to Get There

Please click here for directions to our Mid-Levels Campus.
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