Individualised and Social

Montessori is Social

The highly social atmosphere of the Montessori environment stems from a unique combination of freedom and structure founded on mutual trust. The very young child quickly learns self-control: choosing materials, where to work and with whom. Children from birth to six prefer to work side by side with friends. Elementary age children need social interactions and learn in groups. The teen craves a community of peers.

The Montessori environments are designed to encourage learning about working and playing in a community appropriate to each successive developmental stage. Children develop strong social skills as a result.

Montessori is Individual

The Montessori curriculum is customised to the unique needs of each individual child and their stage of development. Rather than the child following a strict curriculum for the entire class, the Montessori curriculum follows the interests and skill-level of each child. The result is that the child is never left behind, nor is the child bored from lessons that are not sufficiently advanced. A Montessori child is constantly striving to achieve success in increasingly difficult pursuits, which sets them up for success later in life.