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Class of 2016

“Within the past 3 years at IMS I grew more confident, more involved, I worked hard and made friends. I grew confident because I was given the opportunity to practice my strengths.”

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Class of 2014

“Being in IMS was actually one of the happiest times I had in school and I realized is that it has more parallels with real life than any other environment.”

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Class of 2012

“Things that we learned in science here I still applied in year 10. My new school taught us certain lessons and I would think, “I remember that from IMS!”

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Class of 2011

“IMS gave me this drive to study that other places don’t have, I am so invested in my own projects.”

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Class of 2003

“IMS education is built on the affirmation that students’ questions are valid, and that they are more than capable of figuring out answers to those questions.”

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