"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."
Maria Montessori

Commitment to Chinese

IMS has a deep commitment to enable and support each of our children to become able to speak, read and write in Chinese. We have chosen Putonghua as our spoken language, and thus recruit native-Putonghua speakers from China, who have a deep love for children, and are interested and experienced with the concept of child-centred learning. 

Support for Montessori Training

This commitment to hiring and training exceptional teachers who are native Putonghua speakers means that today:

– every Foundation Group’s lead teacher is a native Chinese-speaking teacher,

– over 90% of our Putonghua-speaking Casa dei Bambini (3-6) faculty is now AMI-Montessori-trained!

– a significant group of faculty has completed AMI training at the Elementary (6-12) or is beginning training, including two native-speaking curriculum leaders.

– IMS sponsored a native-speaking faculty member to the AMI Adolescent training in summer 2018 to enhance IMS’ Chinese into adolescence.

– One of our senior teachers is currently being sponsored to become an AMI Teacher Trainers (TOTT) at the 3-6 level.

– Our Elementary Program Head is the first native-Putonghua speaking AMI Teacher Trainer in the world!