Join us on Saturday 27 January 2024 at IMS Aldrich Bay to explore how IMS can make a difference to your child’s development and learning. Our Open Day offers a glimpse into natural learning – the IMS way! Expect a morning full of hands-on opportunities to explore and discover our full immersion bilingual programme, combining an authentic Montessori environment with a strong Chinese curriculum.

Our Open Day welcomes all parents with children up to 6 years old to come to explore our Foundation Groups and Casa Dei Bambini programmes.

Experience the Environment

Explore Foundation and Casa de Bambini environment, with guidance from teachers and Montessori experts. 

Montessori Experts Sharing

Don’t miss out on these sharing sessions from IMS Montessori experts. 

  • How to Support Your Child at Home (Mandarin)
  • The IMS Journey and Beyond – A Parent’s Perspective

Meet our Community

Our IMS Family is always more than happy to share their learnings, experiences, and knowledge with everyone, so feel free to chat and learn more!

ALDRICH BAY EXCLUSIVE | Festive Arts and Crafts

Combining art and Chinese, come and let your children engage themselves in creative arts, where they will get to craft their own festive decorations. Just in time for Chinese New Year!!

What's Happening Where?

How to Get There

Please click here for directions to our Aldrich Bay Campus.


Questions? Please call us at 27722468 or email us at